Todd Haselhorst from Heale Labs joins SGM as we find out how they are disrupting the $9 Trillion logistics industry by focusing on data.


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“Bad data costs the logistics industry billions each year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of chaotic systems and wasteful data silos, their single Unified Intelligence API normalizes data to save you time, money and headaches”


Todd Haselhorst is the CEO and Founder of the logistics startup HEALE. Born in Kansas to an entrepreneurial family, he started his first business at the age of 12 – a humble lawn and landscaping operation – and has been happily on an entrepreneurial track ever since. Having built and exited several successful businesses, including Auto Transport Plus (sold to NYSE-KAR) and the logistics venture CubeMonk (sold to Cend), his sole focus these days is on HEALE, an open and decentralized network designed to make the entire shipment lifecycle more predictable, profitable, and sustainable. With bad data costing the logistics industry $268 billion a year, HEALE is on a mission to reduce fraud, waste, and theft, delivering value for shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers.

Before entering the business world as an adult, Haselhorst studied Economics & Game Theory at the University of Kansas, where he also played Defensive Line Tackle on the best team in school history – a squad that famously won the 2008 Orange Bowl in Miami, FL. He considers this among his proudest moments, business success aside.

Away from work, Haselhorst enjoys reading, learning, traveling, hiking, camping, fitness, and practicing daily breathwork, meditation, and self-development.

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Revolutionizing logistics with IoT and tokenization—this core theme forms the crux of exploration in the latest episode of Semi-Related, an Optym Podcast. Host Chris Torrence, Chief Strategy Officer for Optym, engages with Todd Haselhorst, Founder/CEO of HEALE Labs, in a conversation that promises to reshape our understanding of the logistics industry.


In this episode, Haselhorst discusses the transformative impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and tokenization on logistics with his unique blend of economics, game theory, and entrepreneurial spirit. From his early days as a football player at the University of Kansas to leading logistics technology, Haselhorst’s journey is a testament to innovation and forward-thinking.


Key discussion points include:

  • The critical role of IoT in enhancing logistics operations
  • How tokenization could redefine data integrity and standardization in logistics
  • The vision behind HEALE Labs’ open-source network, poised to revolutionize the logistics sector


Haselhorst’s insights into the potential of tokenization in logistics are thought-provoking and indicative of the industry’s readiness for a technological leap. This episode is a treasure trove for logistics and tech professionals, offering a peek into the future of logistics driven by groundbreaking technologies.


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