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Our open logistics infrastructure uses incorruptible
zero-knowledge proofs to provide industry-leading privacy, security, and
interoperability. Let’s drive logistics tech forward.

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HEALE streamlines the entire shipment
ecosystem with technology that's interoperable across
existing systems, creating the most durable record that everyone can trust.



HEALE provides consensus for network activity while recording real-world logistics events. This reduces fraud, theft, and waste by ensuring better visibility, coordination, trust, and transparency amongst stakeholders. Our open network is the connective tissue that creates a single source of truth operators can rely on for accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information. Anyone can earn rewards for sharing accurate data and using best practices during the shipment process, creating an economic incentive to provide the information needed to increase profits for everyone.


HEALE's network verifies everything during the shipment
lifecycle, then puts it on a distributed ledger for the most durable logistics record ever created.

  • Location and State

    Validates the location, condition, and availability of people, assets, shipments, and capacity

  • Identity and Reputation

    Authenticates the identity — and certifies the reputation — of people, companies, and locations

  • Ownership and Custody

    Provides proof of who owns what or who had custody at what time

  • Rates and Risk

    Provides historical proof of price and risk for companies, routes, lanes, and assets

  • Access and Permission

    Authenticates who has access/permission to data, photos, and documents

  • Pickup and Delivery

    Validates the right Carrier picks up — as well as delivers — the right shipment, and manages custody

HEALE Shipment Lifecycle

Tokenizing Data and Real-World Assets

The HEALE Network tokenizes the data, identities, and assets involved in a shipment including the capacity inside of a truck, trailer, container, or warehouse. Establishing better data ownership and control, reducing fraud and theft, and enhancing compliance and security.

Our digital currency ($HEALE) is used to create these tokens on the network and reward users for behaviors that drive network value and user efficiency.

Along the entire shipment life cycle, anyone can earn rewards redeemable for cash.

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Customizable Logistics Solutions

HEALE's open and decentralized network allows developers to build
any app that serves evolving logistics needs, while also integrating with
existing technology — APIs and SDKs — to improve today's legacy systems.

Who we work with

Logistics technology providers using HEALE have a competitive advantage that reduces cost, fraud, and waste. Saving companies more money and time — making everyone more profitable.

  • Freight Marketplaces and Digital Brokers
  • IoT and Asset Tracking Devices
  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Fleet Management
  • Robotics and Process Automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Self-Driving and Autonomous Trucks
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Our Wallet App gives companies and their users the ability to connect to the HEALE Network through their existing TMS, ERP, or ELD. It also showcases a range of powerful banking features to facilitate faster payments, manage expenses, and make payments from one easy-to-use application.

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