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HEALE's logistics technology reduces fraud, theft, and waste —
building transportation's trusted future that is more predictable,
profitable, and collaborative.

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core Principles

Automated Trust is Always Verified

Insufficient systems can't verify trust and risk between logistics stakeholders. Thus, waste, theft, and fraud plague the industry. That's why HEALE built a network that constantly validates real-world events during a shipment's lifecycle — streamlining disparate data sources by creating the most integrated and collaborative systems.

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Build your Business on Trust

HEALE makes every transaction more predictable and reliable for every stakeholder by seamlessly integrating complex systems, as well as autonomously validating shipment data to create a trusted chain of record.


Transparent and secure data and networks


Allows interoperability across all systems


Trustless identity and reputation management


Economic incentive for trustworthy behavior

Who we work with

Companies using HEALE have a competitive
advantage by eliminating theft, fraud, and waste —
making them more profitable.

  • 120

    Shipments Started

    25 vs last week
  • 100

    Shipments Completed

    12 vs last week
Make Trust Scalable

Shippers and
Freight Brokers

Reduce costs, and access real-time capacity with validated availability. Prevent theft and fraud better than ever before, and improve risk management while tracking authenticated shipment data from origin to destination.

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Earn more with ease

Carriers and Drivers

Enjoy faster payment and instant settlement. Better utilize resources with real-time authenticated availability. Have accurate, efficient tokenized capacity data, and move with compliance built-in and improved quality assurance.

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The Truckload Marketplace App is the first platform that showcases what powerful logistics tools can be built with HEALE.

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Build Apps on HEALE

Utilize HEALE's open-architecture blockchain protocol to build low-cost, robust, and scalable applications.

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Everyone is incentivized to collaborate and be more trustworthy

HEALE rewards are distributed each day to network participants when they contribute reputable behaviors that increase efficiency and decrease risk within the HEALE ecosystem.

Shippers and Freight Brokers

  • Accurate data
  • Low dock time
  • On-time payment
  • Use eBOL and ePOD

Drivers and

  • Connect devices
  • On-time delivery
  • Low claims rate
  • Fuel-efficiency
HEALE Difference

We knew a more trusted logistics network was needed to transport the world, so we leveraged Web3 innovation to drive the industry forward.

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The HEALE ecosystem is user owned and operated so that everyone has ownership of the network they rely on to run their business. We're empowering innovators to develop the most predictable, profitable, and sustainable logistics community ever.

The future is autonomous logistics — the future is built together on HEALE.

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Ecosystem-wide Benefits for a User
Owned and Operated Network

HEALE's community is value-driven. We're building a transportation future
that is open source and collaborative.

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