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Core Technology

Why Use Our Unified API?

HEALE’s Unified Intelligence API provides clean, structured data you can trust. By connecting to existing data sources like TMSs, ELDs and ERPs, the streamlined data model helps make your operations leaner and more profitable.

Driver: Dale Satoshi

Speed: 55 MPH


Reward: 25 $HEALE

Say Goodbye to Bad Data

Bad data costs the logistics industry billions each year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of chaotic systems and wasteful data silos, our single Unified Intelligence API normalizes data to save you time, money and headaches.


Manage fewer integrations and systems


Scalable and flexible data infrastructure


Accurate and real-time data processing


End-to-end encryption for robust security

Who Benefits?

API users gain a competitive advantage by eliminating the pitfalls of bad data: theft, fraud, and waste.

  • 120

    Shipments Started

    25 vs last week
  • 100

    Shipments Completed

    12 vs last week
Predictable Shipments

Shippers and
Freight Brokers

Reduce costs with better data and visibility throughout the entire shipment lifecycle – streamlining coordination to enhance predictability, profitability, and sustainability. Prevent waste, theft, and fraud better than ever before, improving risk management and operational efficiency.

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Arrive at Origin In Transit

Drive to the origin location

  • 9020 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218
  • Sep 14, 10:30 PST
Earn more per mile

Carriers and Drivers

Enjoy faster payments with fewer disputes and billing issues for instant settlement on each load. Earn more per mile with rewards for utilizing best practices during shipments – driving efficiency, compliance, and a better experience for you and your customers.

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Connect to HEALE

The Wallet App connects to your TMS, ERP, or ELD to manage your data, facilitate payments, and collect your rewards.

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Build Apps on HEALE

Utilize HEALE's open and decentralized network to build low-cost, robust, and scalable applications.

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Everyone is incentivized to provide better data

Those who share accurate data and follow best practices during shipment deserve recognition. That’s why we’re aligning incentives to reward these companies and users.

Shippers and Freight Brokers

  • Accurate data
  • Low dock time
  • On-time payment
  • Use eBOL and ePOD

Drivers and

  • Providing visibility
  • On-time delivery
  • Low claims rate
  • Fuel-efficiency
HEALE Difference

We knew the logistics industry needed better data to transport the goods fueling the economy, so we leveraged Web3 technology and Artificial Intelligence to drive the industry forward.

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The HEALE ecosystem is built by and operated by its users so that everyone has a stake in the network they rely on to run their business. We're empowering innovators to develop the most predictable, profitable, and sustainable logistics community ever.

HEALE is transforming the global economy through logistics - providing you with data you can trust and rewards you can bank on.

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Ecosystem-wide benefits for a user-operated network

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